Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Breaks The Internet?


Yesterday, Meek Mill showed what he is made of by breaking the whole internet! OK, maybe not, but his new mixtape (why are they still called “tapes” anyway?) was shutting down sites that offered it for stream or download. Dreamchasers 2 is what they call it and it did its thing. A number of very big and credible sites came to a grinding halt because they were unable to handle the bandwidth that Meek was generating.From what I have been told, the boy had over three million downloads that were accounted for in under 24 hours! That, my friends, makes Meek Milli a new sheriff on the block! He’ll be renegotiating with Ross and whatever parent label there is in no time! Philly on the rise again!

Congrats, Meek!!!!!

Oh yeah, click here to download, read about and do other stuff with regards to Dreamchasers 2.