Hip-Hop Rumors: Miley Cyrus Disses Tyler The Creator! Azealia Banks Disses Funk Flex!


LMAO! First of all, Miley Cyrus is not Hip-Hop, but she unwittingly finds her way to this page because she has a beef with a member of Odd Future! Yeah, its silly and yeah, its stupid, but that’s just about everything on this Rumors Page.

So, this is why the internet was dissing Miss Cyrus.

I don’t think she looks bad at all. Just edgier.

But that didn’t stop Tyler and his groupthink diss or her lash back I scooped off Complex.com.


And in other Twitter madness…Azealia Banks cracks me UP! A part of me loves the brashness of this young nut! LOL!!!!! She went in on Flex after Flex apparently went in on her for going in on Jim Jones, who went in on her. Well…she got the last laugh after Flex attempted to pull her in to his show. LMAO…the tweeting was CLASSIC IGNORANCE! Excuse the language and thanks IFWT! LOL!