Hip-Hop Rumors: My, Jay-Z and Beyonce, What Big Rumors You Have!



Did you see that the roll-out for the Made In America Festival? Click here to see the full line up of acts!

Pearl Jam as the headliner? Not sure about that. Nevertheless, click here for the full line up, including a bunch of related rappers. And then Odd Future. But there is more.

The rumors are running. The first one is Beyonce! I mean, this ain’t not thing to the G’z, but its certainly an attraction that will get the women taking. Definitely no confirmation on B’s inclusion, but it makes perfect sense. Beyonce is coming back with some performances at some Atlantic City thing. So, there you go with that.

The festival, while it takes place in Philly Town, is very short on Philadelphia acts. The Roots are not slated to perform. But, here is a tidbit for you. Jay-Z is rumored to play at The Roots 4th of July picnic.

And then there is the notion and rumor that Jay-Z and Beanie will mend their beef formally at the Philly festival. If it doesn’t happen there, i cannot see it happening. From what I understand, Beanie’s people have stepped up their peace offering. I hope it happens.


Eminem is rumored to be working on new music that will coincide with a new Wii video game. The name of the game is “Acid Ghost” and is expected to be revealed the first week in June.

I am hearing Lloyd Banks is now a solo artist. He’s still tied to G-Unit, but nothing else like management. I guess that means he’s got some work to do.

Anybody got any 2 Chainz rumors? Jeez. Oh, by the way, I heard nothing about Ludacris either.

According to the homie Gyant, Ruben Studdard is pushing 400 lbs and in poor health due to pure obesity.

I guess this is worth a mention since it was all over the blogs. Usher and Tameka Raymond’s child custody battle went crazy today. Usher says his ex tried to spit on his new girlfriend, Grace. EW!

Ray-J accuses the Houston family of having his tailbone taken from a seat at the Billboard Awards that was a bit too close to Bobbi Kristina. They deny that notion. But he was removed from the  event by the police after he moved from his original seat to a seat down in the front somewhere. I don’t know who Pat Houston is, but she is taking over, they say.