Hip-Hop Rumors: Random Summer Jam Rumors And Illseed Quickies!



He was in talks of whether or not he should go on the stage. he was visibly stressed, because he was technically Cash Money, but he kept it in solidarity with YM. He didn’t go on. T-Pain and Fat Joe were a part of Khaled’s set and therefore didn’t perform either. I heard T-Pain was extremely p##### off at the entire situation! He was walking around a lot and pacing. You know how Khaled loves to pump up the crowd. I guess, he should have gone on early like Tyga.


I heard yesterday, Wale was walking around very jaded and peeved. It may be that the fans at Hot 97 were very interested in seeing his MMG cohort Meek Mill! But, the problem was that he is WALE! Wale was going into the Platinum Lounge area doing a live interview and all the fans had to say was “Where’s Meek Mill, where’s Meek Mill!” Wale appeared to be very annoyed at it. Later in the artist dressing rooms Wale seemed cool. Only thing, Meek Mill was nowhere to be found backstage where all the other artists were like Busta, Fat Joe, and the gang were. Not to suggest beef, but he did join the crew on stage when they performed.

S**t was mad real, y’all.


I heard Movado didn’t show up to Hot 97’s Summer Jam either. Only thing is, nobody I know cared.

I am hearing Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz is working with Stephan Marley on a duet album.

Rumor has it Ma$e is trying to closes that joint venture with Bad Boy and Rick Ross’ Maybach. He performed yesterday with French Montana at Summer Jam.

I don’t believe this one, but somebody hit me up and said Nas and Kanye are working on a whole album. Maybe a joint, but an album? Nah….too much dopeness.

Rumor has it, Dr. Dre had the option to choose Eazy E over Pac and the went with Tupac.

Rick Ross brought out Method Man and Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan in an awkward moment at Summer Jam.

Tyga may be off the hook for performing, because the phone were acting crazy with all the reception. He may not have known. Read the rumor here.

Overall, I heard there were a lot of rappers and singers and rastas walking around with nothing to do because Lil Wayne pulled the plug on Young Money.


Chillin with J and B.