Hip-Hop Rumors: VMA Rumors – Chris Brown, Drake and Rihanna Come Face to Face


Last night, the MTV VMA Awards went live, and some of the antics or “rumored” antics that took place will be sure to keep us talking for a while. Let’s start with the obvious – Chris Brown and Rihanna finally being caught on camera talking and hugging. While the category of Best Hip-Hop Video was being presented, Rihanna took the opportunity to walk over to Breezy and say hello. She even patted him on the head as she walked away. Check out the screenshots below:

Breezy’s girlfriend Karreuche was nowhere in sight. Instead, Breezy was sitting next to Bu Thiam, VP of A&R at Def Jam. This was the first awards show that Rihanna and Chris Brown have attended together since the incident and break-up in 2009.

Well, it sure did look like Nicki Minaj was throwing a little bit of shade Rihanna’s way during the show. Could it have been because Rihanna greeted Chris Brown, and up until now, it seems as if she never greeted Drake? Nicki allegedly dissed Rihanna and told her to “sit the f*ck down” when Ri Ri tried to hug her after Nicki had won an award. illseed got the scoop on that story below:

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Okay, and now to Drake. First, what is the deal with his terrible styling? Can someone get this man a stylist, please! I just can’t figure out what he is trying to do with this look. Check out a photo that Birdman posted of Drizzy’s look below:

Okay. Anyway, Drizzy won the award for Best Hip-Hop video, and when he won his award, he had to walk right past Chris Brown. Check out a few photos below. The looks on their faces are priceless.

Talk about tension! So while Drake was walking up to receive his award, the camera flashed to Rihanna, she clearly mouthed the word “*sshole.” I’m guessing Rihanna is #teambreezy all the way.

Rihanna was definitely the biggest star at the VMAs last night, getting a majority of the camera time. From opening the show, to winning awards, to an insane amount of candid camera time, Ri Ri was the center of attention. During her performance of her single “Cockiness” with A$AP Rocky, A$AP went completely in and had a very intimate moment with Rihanna. A$AP leaned in close to Rihanna, put his mouth on her neck, and openly grabbed Rihanna’s backside like he owned it.

She really didn’t seem to mind, which I found weird being that her ex Chris Brown and her play thing, Drake were there as well. Could that have also been a reason that Nicki Minaj allegedly threw shade at Rihanna?

Rihanna stole the show at the VMAs, and I’m sure she’s loving every minute of it. Did you enjoy the VMAs?

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