Hip-Hop Rumors: Which YMCMB Star Is Endorsing Chief Keef + Chief Keef On Nightline


Chief Keef got a huge endorsement yesterday from YMCMB birthday boy Drake. Before I get into that, did you see the photos from Drake’s 26th birthday party over the weekend in Washington D.C.? The rapper had a huge blow out birthday bash at The Park Presetned By Hennessy V.S, and as per usual, Drake’s attire ended up getting a lot more attention than he did. The rapper wore a velvet shirt that was pretty bad. Check out the pics below:

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What was Drake thinking? He obviously dresses himself right, a stylist would never pick this out. His style choices are atrocious. Anyway, Drake admitted over twitter yesterday, that he had a new found affinity for Chief Keef’s song “Love Sosa”. Check out Drizzy’s tweet about the track below:

MMG rapper Meek Mill’s seems to be digging the track as well and quoted the track in an instagram message last night:

Are you feeling “Love Sosa”? The Young Chop produced track is off of Chief Keef upcoming mixtape, Finally Rich. The track already has a million and a half views on youtube and it’s only been out three days. Pretty impressive.

Among the good Chief Keef news, there’s also bad. Chief Keef found himself is some more negative press yesterday when he was featured on ABC Nightline’s investigative piece about the Chicago gang life. The anchor highlights Keef’s most popular song “I Don’t Like,” where he talks about not snitching. They also say he was arrested for pulling a gun on an officer. The Chief Keef talk starts at the 5:48 mark.

What do you think is going to happen with Chief Keef? Is he going to be able to sell records or will he not even get the chance to due to his trouble with the law.

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