Hip-Hop Rumors: WWE’s Chris Jericho At War With North Carolina Hip-Hop?


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On to the rumors! Here is one for all the people out there in North Carolina! Word on the streets is that top WWE wrestler Chris Jericho has fallen out of the graces of the Hip-Hop scene there in NC. Here is what happened per one of my main sources down there. First, here he is again in case you don’t know him (like me):

Last night, Chris Jericho was down in the N. Cakalack at a popular club, from what I heard. And, he was just doing his thing, I suppose, but got a lil’ too gassed up on how hot he is in these streets. Well, somebody took a picture of him in the club, and Chris saw them do it. After he saw it, the big guy went and snatched the phone, deleted the picture, and threw the phone across the club! Here is where it gets nameless to protect the people that may get Jericho! Little did Jericho know, but he threw the phone of a popular NC DJ! And dude took to his network and let it be known how he was treated by the WWE sensation that mistook him for a common fan! Now, from what I understand there’s goons that are out to get ol’ Chris! Furthermore, all the DJs have commanded their minions to boo Jericho, because he and others are apparently down there to perform at a WWE event. I heard the event is tonight, but I don’t know if the “boycott” is going to ramp up soon enough. We’ll see, eh?