Kendrick Lamar Wants Young People to Vote; League of Young Voters Praises Change of Heart


(AllHipHop News) Good kid, m.A.A.d. city artist Kendrick Lamar has been critical of voting in the past, but he recently spoke out to MTV with a different tune – encouraging his peers to get involved.

Lamar, who said he’ll be voting on Election Day tomorrow (November 6), said, “I think that’s one of our biggest failures as a community, as a generation; not wanting to go out and do for ourselves and to sit back and wait.”

“And then when it doesn’t happen, we point the finger. I think we just really need to take matters into our own hands; uplift our community, put money back in our community, and show these kids how there’s something different,” he added.

In recent weeks, League of Young Voters executive director Rob “Biko” Baker remarked on Lamar and his public, anti-voting stance, which included “I don’t do voting.” According to Baker and the League, they welcome his “change of heart” in the final days of the election.

“Glad to see Kendrick Lamar is using his voice to get people engaged,” Baker said. “He can do more to empower our generation to be critical thinkers and action takers than any organization’s voter registration drive. I am proud of Kendrick and this proves to me more that he is the future of hip-hop.”

View Lamar’s MTV interview below:

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar Hopes Young Voters Don’t Just ‘Sit Back’ On Election Day (via MTV News)

There is still time to learn more about the election before casting your vote – visit