Non Hip-Hop Rumors: New Avengers Being Planned Already?


You know The Avengers will be the movie of the summer when its all said and done. I guess there will always be a consummate discussion as to whether or not it was bigger than Dark Knight Rises, but thats neither here nor there. Avengers is the franchise and they are already running with a sequel. The Avengers 2 is rumored to be coming out in 2015. My thing is…they need to hurry up. I have a great uncle that is in poor health and he needs to see this movie! Anyway, I just now read a bit more and this is confirmed. They are also working on an Ant Man movie to mix in with Avengers 2. So, part 2 will be coming in 2015 and they are saying May 1 is the exact date. Its looking like there is no stopping the super hero crazy in Hollywood.

I think we need a few more heroes of color though.

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Email me who you think it is and I’ll let you know if you are correct.!


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