Rapper Jay-Z and Barack Obama Rally In Columbus, Ohio: “I Got ’99 Problems’ But Mitt Aint One”

Jay-Z Performing at President Barack Obama's Rally in Columbus, Ohio


(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Jay-Z made an appearance in Columbus, Ohio earlier today (November 5), in support of President Barack Obama.

Jay-Z joined Bruce Springsteen and President Barack Obama on his final day of campaigning, which comes one day before the presidential elections, which take place tomorrow (November 6).

During the day, President Barack Obama held rallies in Des Moines, Iowa, Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio.

Jay-Z performed a medley of his hits, including a reworked version of “99 Problems.” The rapper said the Secret Service would not clear the original version of “99 Problems,” so he performed an altered version with the following chorus:

“If you’re having world problems I feel bad for you son/I got 99 problems, but Mitt ain’t one”

“Change is on the way and its not an over night thing,” Jay-Z said. “We gonna forward, we don’t want to go back,” Jay-Z said, before introducing President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama came out, hyped up the crowd and thanked Jay-Z for his performance.

“You know it’s an incredible honor to have Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen on the same bill,” President Barack Obama said. “Not only are they all on my Ipod, and yes the President has an Ipod, but it’s also because both of them tell an American story. Jay-Z I told Jay-Z the other day that our lives are parallel. Nobody would expect us to be where we are today, when they met us, as younger men. Both of us have daughters and wives that are more popular than we are. Bruce Springsteen, all the work he’s done for this campaign. The Boss. Just like Jay, they tell a story about what our country is, what it should be, what it can be and what we should fight for.”