Redman Talks “Blackout! 3” & “Muddy Waters 2”


(AllHipHop News) Redman is planning to reunite with Method Man for part three of their collaborative series Blackout. The Jersey emcee has also confirmed the sequel for his 1996 album Muddy Waters.

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“We gon’ do Blackout! 3. I record most of that at my studio, so it would be nothing to get back in there and knock that s**t down in like 2-3 weeks,” Redman told MTV. “Once we get our beats from RZA, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder, then we can take other producers that wanna be a part of the Redman and Method Man experience.”

Reggie Noble is not stopping with just another joint effort with Meth. The Def Jam artist is tapping back into 1990’s inspired sampling for his next solo project.

“I’m coming out with a Muddy Waters 2. It’s going to be called Even Muddier,” said Redman. “I’m not trying to top the Muddy Waters album. What I’m doing by naming it Muddy Waters 2 is to let you relive that ’90s kind of sound and experience.”

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Watch Redman talk about Blackout! 3 and Muddy Waters 2 in the video below.