Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or Somebody Else?


Rick Ross To Sign Shawnna or ????

(Rumors) So, on Wednesday Rick Ross is hosting some kind of big time press release to make a major announcement. WELL, the strong word on the street is that he’s about to sign Shawnna. Now, that’s interesting, but cool. Why? It’s about time the boss got a woman in the crew. I think that Shawnna is the one for the gig. Why? Lyrically, she’s bonkers. She’s just as or more lyrical than the guys in MMG. She’s shined in other places, i.e. her former affiliation with Ludacris. I’m not sure what happened with her and T-Pain, but T isn’t bringing the pain on the charts any more. So, that’s that.

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[Source: illseed.com]