Scott Storch Lands A New Tech Deal For His Record Label


(AllHipHop News) Scott Storch is giving his studio and record label an overhaul in the technology department.

The hit making producer announced a new deal with at the Game Developers Conference yesterday (March 18).

The new deal will allow Scott Storch to encrypt, save and secure productions and mixes of his finished and unfinished songs.

“I’m determined to drive my production company and recording label to the highest level of success, and partnerships with real professionals – like this one – is an important step in making sure that not only the core of our business – the music itself – but every its aspect is at the state-of-the-art level.” Scott Storch

Scott Storch hopes to avoid the fate of producers like Ryan Leslie, Kanye West and even Grandmaster Flash, all of whom have had their laptops stolen, with valuable music on it.

While particulars of the deal with were not disclosed at the conference, Scott Storch has entered into a long-term agreement with the company.

It may just be the deal Storch needs to recover from a recent bankruptcy filing, as well as a lawsuit filed by disgruntled, former business partners, who were financing his studio and label.