Sean Kingston Being Sued Over Alleged Gang Rape

Women Suing Sean Kingston & Members Of His Entourage For $5 Million Over Alleged Gang Rape

(AllHipHop News) Back in 2010 Sean Kingston and some of his associates were accused of sexually assaulting a women in a Seattle hotel room. At the time the police dropped all charges against the singer because authorities did not believe the accuser was credible.

TMZ is now reporting that that same women has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Kingston, his bodyguard, and a member of his band over the alleged episode. She is claiming that all three men gang raped her while she was inebriated from marijuana and vodka and was unable to consent to the sex. She says the incident has caused her to suffer from mood swings, panic attacks, and lack of sleep.

Kingston has apparently filed legal documents as well claiming the sex between he and the women was consensual. A trial is said to be set for November.