Soulja Boy Sued Over Bentley Car Accident; Pregnant Victim Claims Defamation Against Rapper


(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy has been hit with another lawsuit, the second one in the past seven days.

The Atlanta producer/rapper was involved in a serious car accident on June 23, after he allegedly crossed the double lines and smashed his Bentley into a Chevy, being driven by a pregnant woman.

Although Soulja Boy initially denied that he was behind the wheel, he eventually admitted to driving the Bentley that was involved in the car accident with a couple, Bobbiye Sullinger and Herman Flowers.

Sullinger and Flowers are already suing Soulja Boy for medical expenses, emotional distress and physical distress.

Now, the pair have added defamation of character charges against Soulja Boy, over a video he posted on YouTube after the accident.

The rapper claimed Sullinger and Flowers were lying about the incident, and denied responsibility for causing the accident.

The lawsuit claims that Soulja Boy’s accusations of racism in the video has severely damaged Sullinger’s career and reputation.

Just last week, Soulja Boy was hit with a lawsuit by a producer who claims the rapper stole the music for his single “Swag Daddy.”