Vinny Cha$e Discusses The Gentrification Of "New Harlem" [VIDEO]

Vinny Cha$e Talks Gentrification, Harlem Shake, & Cheers Club With Life+Times

(AllHipHop News) “Everything evolves. I’m just glad that this part of town is evolving for the better,” says Harlemite Vinny Cha$e. The young emcee recently gave Life+Times a tour of his New York City neighborhood.

Vinny points out how urban gentrification has created a “New Harlem” with numerous upscale housing complexes and big chain stores spouting up. Harlem’s transformation undoubtedly has an effect on local businesses, but Cha$e believes the long-standing native establishments will survive the wave of corporate influx.

“Of course you’re gonna lose homegrown things, maybe some mom-and-pop things,” acknowledges Vinny. “A lot of these things have been here for so long and they’re so connected within the city that they won’t go anywhere.”

Vinny also gives his opinion about the “Harlem Shake” internet dance meme and explains the concept behind his Cheers Club crew.

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Watch Vinny Cha$e’s “The Genesis” video below.