Wale Videotaped In Another Shouting Match; Sends Tweets Directed At His Critics


(AllHipHop News) Another video of MMG’s Wale in a heated conversation appeared online this morning. This time instead of going at a court side announcer at a basketball game, the DMV emcee is seen yelling at fans in a parking lot after some of them apparently requested to take a photo of the “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper.

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In the video, Wale can be heard screaming, “come do something,” at someone as he’s entering his vehicle. Another unknown individual can clearly be heard yelling back at Wale.

“A n#### just trying to take a picture of your b#### ass!” the man hollers. “Your m############ boss a C.O. n####!”

The only footage of the incident that has emerged so far does not show what took place before Wale and the unknown person began yelling at each other. Also, there is no confirmation of when or where the footage was shot.

At the end of the video Wale does briefly role down the car door window to acknowledge other fans who had ran up to his SUV.

Yesterday Wale took to Twitter to address the recent criticism he’s faced. While he doesn’t directly refer to any particular circumstance, the tweets do mention what he believes is his right to defend himself.

waletweet1 (3)

waletweet2 (2)

You can watch the video below.