Watch Footage From Kanye West's Unaired "Black Larry David" Pilot For HBO

Kanye West Attempted To Channel Larry David For Scrapped HBO Project

(AllHipHop News) Three years ago actress Alison Quinn uploaded footage of an unaired HBO pilot starring Kanye West to YouTube. Somehow the 4-minute clip went mostly unnoticed until now. In the video Kanye is playing a fictionalized version of himself similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David.

According to a 2008 MTV report, the show was not picked up because HBO executives called it “too hard-core.” Writer and producer for the program Larry Charles also expressed that he felt HBO was not sure what to do with the show because it featured a black main character.

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“HBO doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to black shows, and I felt like that may have had something to do with it also,” said Charles.

Charles also talked about meeting with Kanye about creating the show.

“What Kanye West said to me the first time, he said, ‘I’m the black Larry David.’ That’s the first thing he said to me,” added Charles. “So it’s like a Kanye-and-Curb’ show.”

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Watch footage from Kanye West’s unaired HBO pilot below.