Karega Bailey Goes Ever-So-Hard Over Matters Of Social Justices

Peep The Truth In Lyrical Form!

“It’s evident I’m militant/that don’t mean I’m violent,” Karega Bailey spits in his new video for “No Indictment,” a track detailing his frustrations with the recent rulings on several high profile cases involving police brutality. Along with older brother King Keon, Bailey paints another powerful portrait with his unapologetically honest lyrics. The educator, emcee and spoken word champion was discovered by Chuck D of Public Enemy and it is evident in “No Indictment”. Bailey says, “Respect and manners to the elders who have pointed me in this direction. Honor and Gratitude to those who feel this music, be it from your work on the frontline as an organizer, or in the moral fibers of your heart because you have been overwhelmed with the reality of police terror. I am with you and I thank you for standing for truth.” No, thank you Karega.

The video is directed by Natho and produced by E.N.O.N.