Roots' Regular Patty Crash Flies Solo On New Visual "New Life"


Patty Crash began life in Iceland before moving over to the states with her mother, the transition was not easy for Patty Crash as she was kicked out of school and sent back to Iceland only to come back to the USA just a few short years later. Patty Crash has an interesting story when it comes to her entrance into the music industry, in 2004 Crash was at a Root’s concert in Baltimore and she ended up being a spectator to on the tour bus with Black Thought. Root’s frontman Black Thought gave her a call the next day and the next thing you know she was in Philly and her vocals ended up appearing on various Roots’ records, along with Tyga and Gym Class Heroes as well.

Following her brief success she ended up signing a major label deal and was on the high road to being the next huge pop star. That’s when everything went downhill for Patty Crash, the label she had signed to merged with another label and like most artist she got lost in the shuffle and ultimately her album was never put out and Crash was left wondering what her next move would be. To make matters even worse Rich Nichols the manager of The Roots’ and mentor to Crash was diagnosed with Leukemia and ultimately died a few months later.

Feeling lost and and depressed Crash was just going to quit music all together, she went into hibernation and was not heard from on the music scene for nearly 2 years. That was until Logic gave her a call and she was on the next thing smoking to California to sit down with his camp. After the meeting Patty Crash realized that she wanted to make music she loved, music with feeling, not music that the label wanted her to make.

So that brings us to the present day and a brand new Patty Crash has emerged. We are proud to present the latest visual from the talented artist titled ‘New Life’ which is properly named considering her re-emergence onto the music scene. Filled with a jazzy style beat and filtered with a hip-hop feel Patty Crash gives you all her emotions and feelings through her raspy style voice making for great mood music. This is the first of what will ve a track by track release leading up to her new album “Born To Fall”.