2 Chainz Racks in Over $2 Million On “Dabbing Santa” Sweaters


2 Chainz is a natural hustler. With the recent hysteria around the dabbing craze and just about everyone from Stevie Wonder to your neighbor’s grandma learning how to dab, the rapper hopped on the opportunity to mix the Christmas spirit with everyone’s new favorite trend and it worked. It really worked.

According to an interview with Forbes, the ATL native racked in over $2 million in revenue. His secret? He hired a team of 70 people and got to work. With celebrity endorsers and just word of mouth the project took off.

Snoop and the kids got one:


Wiz Khalifa got in on it:


And his baby’s muva Amber Rose:


Cam Newton too:



It even got turned into an app featuring a game where dabbing Santa takes out the Grinch:



With flash sale after flash sale and the chance to be featured on the rapper’s IG dabbin’ with Mr. Clause the profits just started rolling in. According to the rapper he couldn’t see this much success without giving back. Portions of the proceeds from both the app and sweater sales went to 2 Chainz’ charity organization T.R.U Foundation. What did the hairweave killer have to say about the success? Take a look below: