Black Detroit Entrepreneur Creates Business Bringing Music Artists and Prison Inmates Together.

Virgil Hare, the founder, and creator of INDULTA, created a new and unique way to allow inmates across the nation to experience social media.

Virgil Hare, the founder, and creator of INDULTA, created a new and unique way to allow inmates across the nation to experience social media. 

Prisoners across the nation have no access to society’s most utilized social media platforms. They’re unable to see what the latest social trends are. Or the newest fashion fad pic causing millions of clicks, views, and likes on the net. Most of the time, inmates are not hip to what songs are hot and are topping the charts. 

INDULTA Magazine of New Thought isn’t your typical, everyday magazine, and it is evident that it sits apart from the other magazines made available to the nation’s prison population. Its sleek, elegant, well-thought-out design indeed sits in a category all by itself. Along with its inspirational quotes and words of affirmation that prisoners look forward to reading in every issue, it features page after page of the latest fashion, great cars, beautiful homes, and today’s celebrities with a solid social media presence.

INDULTA magazine also provides opportunities for music artists, producers, and so many more from the music industry to introduce their musical creations, whether a song, an album, and/or a beat, into a barely-tapped prison market. 

For prisoners, music is essential. A must-have. A non-negotiable. Music allows prisoners to feel outside of the everyday hustle and bustle of prison life. It gives them a chance to explore their musical artistry and get some peace of mind which is extremely hard to do while incarcerated. Most prisoners across the nation don’t have access to a radio, and those that do have difficulty getting a good reception. So instead of relying on the local radio station for music filled with static and white noise, prisoners turn to the Jpay system for their musical fix.

Jpay is a way for prison inmates to search and download music to their tablets. These songs and albums are uploaded to the Jpay system through music distributors. The price of songs averages about $2.00, and most albums run about $15.00. For most inmates, that could be a lot of money, so they are usually thoughtful about the music they purchase and download to their tablets.

INDULATA magazine allows music artists to showcase(market) their music to those thoughtful inmates. Knowing more about the song or artist makes it more likely that the inmate will purchase that song or album because they possibly find a connection to it because of the backstory featured in INDULTA magazine.

Up-and-coming music artists, chart-topping, record-breaking singers, and rappers can benefit from marketing their music to the prison population.

Currently, INDULTA magazine has thousands and thousands of subscribers and growing across the nation in state correctional departments and federal prisons and plans to continue to grow.

Virgil’s goal is to provide a new way of thinking to the prisoners in our nation. He strives to give them nothing but positivity and motivation resulting in them having a new outlook on life.