Christian Phyfier & Scrybe Streaming, The Next Giants Of The Music Industry?

Scrybe’s worth comes from adding value to other people, which is why it is so popular.

It’s not every day when an idea comes along that creates as many win-win situations as Scrybe Streaming does. Founder Christian Phyfier, the Talent Agent and business investment mastermind created the business model to do just that. As it is still in its early stages, Scrybe seems to carry zero downsides in an industry that has had complaints about doing bad business since the beginning. Not only does Scrybe create opportunities for Independent Artists and Podcasters, but there is an extraordinary upside for music labels, management companies, and music investors, and here’s why. 

As it sits currently, Scrybe is a simple functioning streaming app, that from the outside looking in, seems like any other streaming service, and would cause anyone to ask the question. What’s the difference? But take a deeper look into the business model that functions within the app, and you see what only combined music and business genius could mastermind, and that is what makes it so spectacular. 

From a technical standpoint, introducing a subscription business model with the streaming functionality, using recurring micro transactions, is so simple and perfect for the content streaming industry. But for those who aren’t quite savvy in those terms. Let’s break it down.

Scrybe is a free app for all content creators. Literally free for anyone, and as long as your content is original or proper licenses have been acquired, you’re good to go! Those creators create a profile and list the price for their content in very small amounts, like .10 cents for access to their entire catalog. Depending on that creator’s connection with their fanbase, they can begin converting their listeners over to Scrybe requiring the .10 cent payment to have access to that content. 

For some, 100,000 fans is easy to achieve, creating $10,000 a month in revenue. For others, it’s as simple as urging their 10,000 fans to listen to their exclusive content and generating $1000.00 in revenue. Either way, it’s more than the streaming market pays now. Even with Scrybe’s %20 administration commission. This app works with the industry instead of against it. 

I don’t know how long Phyfier and the team at Scrybe will allow content creators to set their own price points, because a few artists not adopting the app’s microtransaction methods may somewhat disturb the ecosystem, but that’s neither here nor there.  

Aside from that, there is a culture stemming around Scrybe coming from the thousands of artists currently uploaded in its first year of being on the app store. This is non-existent in other streaming services and I think will make this app outlast any duplicates and the competition currently holding the market share. 

But what does the future of something like this app have from a business standpoint? Let’s break it down. If this streaming service continues to grow at it’s current rate, it will be a short time before labels dump catalogues of music on the service and the indie world gravitates toward it as well. Millions of artists, podcasters and others will be adding millions upon millions of hours of exclusive content on Scrybe. The revenue is nearly unfathomable. Let’s take the top 5 artists currently on Billboard. Their monthly listener base currently sits at 266 million. If Scrybe becomes an industry standard, and those 266 million listeners pay .10 cents a month to each artist, in total they would make about 26.6 million dollars a month, 319.2 million dollars a year. Scrybe’s percentage would be around 63.8 million dollars a year. Let’s remind you this is based on the top 5 artists on Billboard at this time. There are still 195 more to go.

Scrybe’s worth comes from adding value to other people, which is why it is so popular. Starving artists do not have to starve as much anymore. They can pound the pavement like back in the CD era and hustle, the gateways to being a successful artist are now wide open. Labels can once again, invest confidently in signing artists, and playing strict numbers and conversions games. Sign the hot Tik Tok Singer or Instagram Rapper with the ability to convert his or her fans to subscribers, and forecast the rate of return. 

With this business model, it would never seem absolutely necessary to go to the stock market, but it would definitely be a hot ticket. The value of giving artists another option to invest in a company they know and understand would really do the entire industry justice. The duplication of this app may be imminent but it took a visionary to bring it to life and we doubt the vision is complete.  

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