Cory Sccott Is A Lyrical Genius

Cory Sccott intends to truly connect with his fans on this project and emotionally open up to all who listen.

Kenosha, WI native Cory Sccott is beginning to make a major name in the music industry. Cory Sccott creates music that is inspirational, energetic, and impactful. As a young man, Cory Sccott discovered his love for serving others. From helping others, he quickly realized how much power was held in his words. He truly understood this power when he wrote a poem in the 4th grade that brought his teacher to tears.

Right then and there, Cory Sccott knew that he could help others on a massive scale through music. Music had done so much for him in his own life, so Cory Sccott was eager to help others through his own music. From that day forward, Cory Sccott has consistently worked on perfecting his sound and lyrical ability. His immaculate vocabulary, combined with his beautiful sound is now reaching others on a global scale. 

Cory Sccott is an independent artist with massive aspirations for the future. When you listen to his music, Cory Sccott intends for his fans to get a deeper insight into his life. His lyrics are full of life and real-life experiences that Cory Sccott has gone through. Having faced and overcome numerous trials and tribulations allows Cory Sccott to bestow valuable wisdom to his fans.

The way Cory Sccott captures the listener’s attention and tells a story through beautifully crafted rhymes is something the music industry hasn’t yet seen. You can feel the passion in his voice whenever you listen to a Cory Sccott track. His dream is to work with Chris Stapleton. Cory Sccott knows that their musical styles would compliment each other perfectly, creating timeless music. 

In the future, Cory Sccott will be releasing a plethora of new music to his fans. Currently, he is working on his first major album. The album date is TBA, but the project will give his fans a deeper look into his life and past. Cory Sccott intends to truly connect with his fans on this project and emotionally open up to all who listen. Cory Sccott has diligently been working on the project and hopes to release it soon. Be sure to follow Cory Sccott on Instagram for all announcements regarding his latest body of work. Also, tune into his Spotify for new drops!