Discover the Sounds of Michael Prince Johnson’s New EP ‘Street of Danger Vol.1’

Johnson’s immense talent and influence in the music industry have made him one of the most important instrumental musicians of our time.

If you love music that speaks to the soul, you won’t want to miss out on Michael Prince Johnson’s latest EP, ‘Street of Danger Vol.1’. This exceptional work of art features six incredible songs that showcase Johnson’s immense talent as an instrumental musician, composer, producer, songwriter, and DJ. 

Johnson’s music blends genres like Electronic Dance Music, African traditional music, instrumental hip hop, R&B, soul, amapiano, funk, pop, and rock, creating a unique sound that captivates and enchants. His music is known for its storytelling ability, with themes that touch on African history, sociology, psychology, love stories, world history, and current issues. 

The EP is a journey through different emotions, reflecting on the theme of being aware of decisions and the consequences in your life. You can already enjoy the EP ‘Street of Danger Vol.1.’ on various digital platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Spotify. 

The hit songs featured on the EP are “Street Of Danger Vol. 1,” “Madness,” “Think About My Information,” “Don’t Trust Everyone,” “Violent Mind,” and “You’ve Arrived in the Bad World.” His previous hit song, “Let’s Go Crazy,” was a top debut at number one on WRRN Classic Greatest Hits 92 (US), CKXFM 96.1 BOB FM (Canada), and MyTuner Radio (Austria).

“His songs received radio airplay among the top songs of artists such as Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Beatles, Elvis Presley, and others. “Some of his most popular songs include “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt,” “History Of Epidemics,” “You Are Important,” “War Produced The Death and Destruction,” “Importance of Nature,” “Time for Wedding,” “Erotic Desire,” “I Give My Name To Her,” and “Say My Name.”

Additionally, Johnson’s immense talent and influence in the music industry have made him one of the most important instrumental musicians of our time. Johnson is recognized virtuoso in playing kalimba, shekere, calabash, and surdo. His technical prowess, creativity, and innovation have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal following among music lovers. 

Johnson’s music has earned worldwide recognition, appearing on top radio stations and charts across countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Egypt, Korea, and Austria. With radio airplay on over 3000 radio stations in 160 countries, his music has reached a global audience of 500 million listeners. Johnson’s exceptional talent and distinctive sound have earned him widespread recognition in the music industry.

He has been featured in respected publications such as LA Weekly, Hip Hop Since 1987, Billboard, Vents Magazine, All Hip Hop, and many others. His instrumental playing style and meaningful song titles have made him one of the leading figures on the global music scene, and he is considered the premier artist in the Austrian music scene. 

Johnson has established himself as a prolific artist with an impressive discography of over 70 albums and 600 songs. He composed, arranged, performed, produced, and mixed for every album and song. This remarkable feat speaks to his talent and dedication to his craft. He is a member of the music duo group The 72 Diamonds with his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. 

Take pleasure in the musical brilliance of Michael Prince Johnson’s latest EP, ‘Street of Danger Vol.1,’ by visiting the website at today. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy his unparalleled sound and immerse yourself in his artistry.