Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's Create Four-Year College

And you thought your college was cool.

If you’ve thought that whatever school you attend (or attended) was dope, you might want to second guess yourself. Last year, producers Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine donated 70 Million Dollars to the University of Southern California’s for a new four-year college dedicated to several factors including art, industry, entrepreneurship. The college, called the Jimmy Lovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts,Technology, and the Business of Innovation, includes a plethora of classes including audio production, graphic design to name a few, according to Pigeons and Planes.  

So the college’s real note to students is to…

With only a hand-full of students enrolled in the new college and halfway through their first semester, HYPETRAK obtained one student’s take on his experience in the new school. Here are a few things that the student is doing his first semester.

“A typical day in my academic life this first semester consists of analyzing the practices of innovative companies, learning my way around Adobe After Effects, building a 3D geometric cardboard model using Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter, and working on a PowerPoint slide deck for a potential product.”

Can you still believe that this Dre was a member of NWA? Time’s changed. Check out the full letter here.

Source: HYPETRAK, Pigeons and Planes