EXCLUSIVE: ILLClinton Talks ‘ILLClinton Era’ Mixtape & Premieres New Song “Divine Rhymes”


(AllHipHop News) The Atlanta-based rapper/producer duo ILLClinton has spent the last few years working on their next full length effort. The forthcoming ILLClinton Era will be a reintroduction of Brennan and Blake as the blood brothers present a project they believe will be their finest to date.

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ILLClinton Era is the best project that we’ve made. It really has an album feel to it, but as you’ll hear me say a few times throughout the project, it’s really just a mixtape we never want you to forget,” says Brennan. “We worked on this one for a little over two years, and personally, I wanted to grow from being a rapper into a more versatile artist. I definitely achieved that goal, and Blake’s production has evolved immensely. Blake is the best producer in Atlanta in my opinion.”

Blake adds, “‘ILLClinton Era is by far my favorite project we’ve created so far. If you’ve ever heard any of our music up to this point, then you can definitely here the progression. It has a little of something for everyone across the Hip Hop/Rap spectrum.”

'ILLClinton Era' Cover Art
‘ILLClinton Era’ Cover Art

That musical growth is partly the result of the North Atlanta natives’ history as instrumentalists. Brennan drew from his days as a drummer to develop his cadence and rhyme pattern. Blake played cello, so his orchestra experience affected his ability to craft big sounds on records.

ILLClinton Era is set to hit the internet next week, but the Hip Hop siblings wanted to offer a loose track as an early example of where their style is headed. “Divine Rhymes” is 2 minutes of Brennan exhibiting his flow while name dropping Afeni Shakur and Paramore as well as referencing Egyptian hieroglyphics and Dragon Ball Z.

“‘Divine Rhymes’ is straight bars on some chill s### over this sample Blake chopped up. It didn’t quite make the final tracklist for our album, but we wanted people to hear it anyway. We have a ton of music in the same boat,” states Brennan.

His older brother says, “Like Brennan said, even though the song didn’t make the final tracklist, we still wanted to make sure people got the chance to hear it. I personally like when we get the chance to make chill music that vibes. It fits my laid back personality.”

ILLClinton’s ILLClinton Era is scheduled for release on February 29th.

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