Famousvicz- Bringing Back the Golden Era of Pop and Hip-Hop

Famousvicz been a musician his whole life. he studied classical music and taught himself how to create soundtracks for horror films

If you’re one of the many who have fallen in love with his music, then you’re certainly not alone. Victor Hugo Almonte Jr., a Florida-born Dominican artist, extremely popular among music lovers and artists alike, has been able to revive the old-school vibes by ensuring that his music stays relevant to today’s generation and culture.

About Famousvicz

Florida-born artist Victor Hugo Almonte Jr. has become immensely popular with international music listeners. As a child, he has always loved music. On a side note, academically, he was pursuing a degree in engineering, but he wanted to have a career in music. So he took some chances and dove in at the age of 20.  He worked hard for a few years before gaining enough recognition on SoundCloud to make it his full-time job. His peers’ feedback motivates him most because they can see how far he’s come. The Dominican Republic native has over 22 tracks on SoundCloud, bringing back the golden era of the 1970s when Pop and hip-hop were prevalent on radios across America.

Mixing Digital Samples with Classical Styles

“I’ve been a musician my whole life. I studied classical music and taught myself how to create soundtracks for horror films because it was just as important to me to pay tribute to composers who had come before me as it was to pioneer new ground in my field. Along the way, I realized how badly people need the musical innovations that used to be commonplace in pop culture–which is why I started Famousvicz, he said. His main aim is to bring back the golden era of 1970s pop and hip hop.  I feel like there’s no middle ground anymore”, he says.

Why Does He Love Composing?

He believes this is just the beginning, with over 22 music tracks and 2500+ active listeners on a sound cloud. He also expresses his love for composing by stating I find it relaxing; it’s a way to vent my thoughts. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I compose because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Famousvicz says to be successful in life.

One must do what one enjoys because you’ll always be happy doing what you’re passionate about. The internet is saturated with people trying to make it big, but they should just do what they like. As far as advice goes, he says to all artists, never give up and don’t stop until you get your desired outcome. 


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