Film Producer Luc Stephen, the New Guy on the Scene

Working alongside Director Abeni Nazeer, SIN is a phycological thriller Produced by Wynn Publishing.

Born in Haiti, and raised in Boston, before migrating to New York. Luc Stephen, is a creator,
writer, producer, and director who was introduced to production in 2007 with his role in BET’s series
‘American Gangster’. The following year he became a consultant on the show. Soon he created
his own production company, called Second Chance Enterprises. In 2016 he then produced his
first movie series “PREY BEFORE YOU EAT” then “PREY BEFORE YOU EAT 2” and shortly after
“DIVIDED WE FALL” starring “Antwan Tanner” all streaming on Tubi

In 2021 his career quickly began to pick up momentum he was a Production Manager at “URBAN EATS AND TREATS” a Rip Michael’s show Produced by Kevin Hart’s LOL Network. Then Produced a mini-documentary “GROWING UP NEWARK” produced by LL BEAN.

Shortly after that, he went on to produce a feature film, while producing a series for The Plug Network called “ 7 SINS”. Shortly after that, he produced another feature film “BETTER THAN MY LAST ” starring Hassan Johnson. Directed by Shawn Baker, written by Kwan Miller, Produced by Blak Republik and Lock City

Working alongside Director Abeni Nazeer, SIN is a phycological thriller Produced by Wynn Publishing.
Starring Angel Love, Bella Blaq, the academy award-winning actor, Louis Gossett Jr., Sean Nelson, and
Markuann Smith with guest appearances from Rip Michaels, Kiyanne, Jhonni Blaze, and Shiggy. The
Movie SIN follows a substance-dependent single mother who is in a toxic relationship and must end it
before it kills her.

SIN is one of the most highly anticipated independent films in a while. It will definitely tap into the
culture. Sure to stand the test of time. The production was nothing less than awesome along with a brilliant
story line penned by “Dutch” Earlier this year his company SCE along with Trulightfilms, produced 2
films “EVERYBODY DIES” and “THE THRONE” both written by Matty Tosca and Directed by Adrian
Toscano, where Luc tries his hand in front of the camera on top of being a Producer. The films will be
distributed by Homestead Ent. A lot of his earlier work is being distributed by Dame Dash Studios,
Homestead Ent and Indie Rights, and can be seen on many top streaming networks. To date Luc has
worked on 20 film projects.

The always working Producer is working on 3 documentaries “BORN TO BOX” a documentary based on
business of boxing trainers, Executive Produced by CURTIS SCOON, a production by Top of the Food
Chain. “WITNESS FOR THE DEFENSE” based on the Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff case Executive
Produced by MIKE TYSON, IRV GOTTI, and MICHAEL PAYTON. Another Wynn Publishing / SCE
Production, “BIRTH OF A NATION 1rst GENERATION 031” the story of the origin of the Bloods in NYC
a Production by Wynn Publishing / SCE all slated for 2023 releases. Luc’s quote “Life is not a sprint, it’s
a marathon… takes 10 years to be an overnight success I still got 3 years to go”

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