Fredo Santana Isn't Playing With Migos After They Fought a GBE Member

If someone threatens to kill someone and not be afraid of jail, you might not want to play with them.

When you got a dude like Fredo Santana threatening to kill a whole squad without any worry of going to jail. You know things are real. On Friday, ATL trio Migos got into a confrontation with Capo, a fellow member of GBE, at a Chicago restaurant. There hasn’t been any updates on why the fight went down, but there’s only a IG video of Capo leaving the eatery.

After Friday’s altercation, things didn’t get any better. Migos and Capo dissed each other on Twitter, when all of a sudden Fredo Santana jumped in.

There hasn’t been any updates today, but we’ll keep you posted.

via: Complex