From SoundCloud Sensation To Rising Star: The Musical Journey Of Lul Icey

With his upcoming album, “Game Cold But It’s Fair,” set to release on August 25th, Lul Icey aims to leave listeners motivated, enlightened, and entertained.

Isaiah Lambert, also known by his stage name Lul Icey, is a rising star in the music industry who hails from the south side of Racine, Wisconsin. He discovered his passion for music at a young age and began writing songs when he was just ten years old. Despite facing financial limitations, he used his iPhone and GarageBand to record his early tracks and uploaded them to SoundCloud under his real name, Isaiah Lambert.

Lambert’s breakthrough in the music industry came during his freshman year of high school when he met producer CeeStackz. This encounter led to the release of his debut song, “No Love,” which garnered significant attention on SoundCloud, accumulating over 52,000 plays. This early success made him a local celebrity in the Midwest and the most popular kid at school.

Throughout his journey, Lambert faced various challenges, including cyberbullying and hate due to his fame as a rapper. Graduating high school under such circumstances was a particularly tough hurdle to overcome, and it contributed to his battle with anxiety and depression, which he continues to face today. Despite the ongoing presence of internet haters, Lambert remains an independent artist, determined to forge his path in the music industry.

Musically, Lul Icey draws inspiration from diverse sources. T-Pain’s innovative use of autotune and his ability to reshape the future of music inspire Lambert. Additionally, Michael Jackson’s iconic music legacy leaves a lasting impact on his artistry. Growing up, Lambert’s playlist featured artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and a range of R&B singers from the 2000s.

With his upcoming album, “Game Cold But It’s Fair,” set to release on August 25th, Lul Icey aims to leave listeners motivated, enlightened, and entertained. The album encapsulates his life experiences, from the lessons learned in the streets to personal growth and spirituality. With tracks encompassing various themes, the album offers something for everyone, including family-oriented songs, club bangers, and introspective tracks.

Beyond his music career, Lul Icey is also involved in community initiatives. He founded an anti-gun violence basketball league called “Put The Guns Down Basketball Association Presented By Lul Icey,” which gained recognition and support from the Mayor of Racine. Moreover, his league partnered with the overseas National Basketball League (NBL), and he became an official scout for overseas basketball talent through his platform.

In addition to his dedication to music and community work, Lambert balances a full-time job as a cycle counter for Kerry Ingredients. He also is pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management and runs “The Lambert Foundation,” a non-profit organization focused on community outreach.

Lul Icey’s journey as an artist and entrepreneur showcases his determination and resilience. With his unique style, blending elements of rap and singing with autotune, he aims to make his mark in the music industry as the next-gen genius. As he continues to overcome obstacles and pursue his dreams, Lul Icey remains a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

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