Get To Know Ez & Trilla – Atlanta’s Rising Stars

Ez & Trilla have been gaining attention for quite some time.

Ez & Trilla are a promising duo from Atlanta. Ez & Trilla have been dropping heat for many years. Their work ethic is incomparable to other MCs in their class. The duo has developed an incredible following whilst staying independent. At first, listen, Ez & Trilla are an up-tempo swag rap group that utilizes contemporary production and catchy hooks to mesmerize listeners. 

With keen use of melody, vocal control, and lyrical delivery, The Duo uses their lyrical prois to document their daily life. Beyond the music, Ez & Trilla are an incredibly inspiring faction. They are able to release music and record high-quality music videos independently. 

Ez & Trilla have been gaining attention for quite some time. Their singles, “Feel It” and “Lotto Ticket” has gained widespread approval since their release.  On “Lotto Ticket” Ez & Trilla glide over a melodic warm instrumental. Ez & Trilla’s most recent track, “Feel It” has helped them gain a multitude of supporters in a short period of time.

The music video gained around one hundred thousand views within a few weeks. Ez & Trilla do not plan on letting up any time soon. With various music videos, singles, and even an album in the works – Ez & Trilla are just getting started with their rap dominance. The Atlanta rap scene seems to have another major contender. Stay tuned for more news about Ez & Trilla. Check out the video for “Feel It” below.

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