Hip-Hop Artist, Sidewayz Billy, Hits His Mark of Success in the Music Industry

As long as Sidewayz Billy keeps producing, though, his ideas will come to life in some form at some point.

Music. It’s what connects all of us– from our ancient ancestors to our human brothers and sisters across the globe. Lemar Davenport grew up with the love of music, too, and he brought it with him into his adulthood. Music is the rhythm of life for many of us and Davenport creates music in many forms.

Lemar Davenport, known as Sidewayz Billy in the music industry, is a music producer. He has several albums released, all of which can be listened to on all Major Platforms(Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and YouTube). Davenport, or Sidewayz Billy, produces smooth hip-hop and RnB, but Sidewayz Billy loves jazz too, both old and new. His inspiration to make music “is vibrations, mood, and personal experiences. I have had moments in my life and what makes it special is the fact that I feel people need those vibrations of confidence and zazz,” Sidewayz Billy says.

The moments Sidewayz Billy references are those hard moments in life when you’re unsure how you’ll persist and persevere. Sidewayz Billy lost the mother of his youngest daughter and instead of lingering in the grief, he remembered that she supported his dream of making music. So, when he got out of the marine corps, an audio engineer and close friend, MittenBoy Royal, and producer Wavy Davy (David McNally) supported Sidewayz Billy in his musical endeavors. Sidewayz Billy decided to record music as a tribute to the woman he loved: “It has been magic ever since.” Sidewayz Billy says.

His music has led him to powerful creativity that is sometimes difficult to shut down at the end of the day: “Music has a message that is spoken verbally and nonverbally in a production setting. Being a fan of music, listening to other productions, [it] always leads me to thought, [and] those thoughts create visions. I have something to offer every listener.” Sidewayz Billy says. His music is the catalyst for his passion in life, but one of his biggest challenges is time. He has so many ideas he just doesn’t have enough time in the day to manifest them all.

As long as Sidewayz Billy keeps producing, though, his ideas will come to life in some form at some point. It’s all about perseverance so he can create success for himself and inspire others at the same time. To Sidewayz Billy, success doesn’t mean money, but “hitting your mark, nailing your target, and most of us need to aim higher and think [bigger],” he says. “The biggest obstacle I have overcome so far is self and fear. So many of us, including myself, are so filled with fear that it consumes us [and keeps us] from what we really desire and deserve. Fear had definitely been a major obstacle I have overcome and getting out of my own way. [I was] afraid of public opinion.” Sideways Billy says.

He speaks his truth with the help of his music – it’s always what he falls back on. For Sidewayz Billy, creating music is hitting his mark for success. It’s what he dreamt of doing when he was in the marine corps, rapping for his battalion. Now, instead of rapping for his friends, his lyrics are shared with the world. Stay tuned for what Sidewayz Billy has in store as he continues to create and produce music with some of your favorite artists, at your favorite venues. He Also Has a Star Role in the Movie “GTA Murder City” on Amazon Prime and Tubi. You can also find him on Instagram, @sidewayzbilly