How Kristian Vendler Built One of the Most Loyal Social Media Followings in the Tattoo Industry

“I’m focused on growth,” Vendler says. “The results are what count.

With press coverage from some of the most famous media sources in the tattoo industry, Kristian Vendler is no stranger to the spotlight. Combined with a six-figure Instagram following, his growing popularity is a testament to the widespread appeal of his artwork. Today, he boasts one of the highest engagement rates on the platform from an ultra-loyal following. As a result, marketers and fans alike have been wondering what the “secret” is behind his social media success. 

When asked to comment, the celebrity tattoo artist stated:

“For me, I’ve always put my artwork first. Now that I’ve seen the positive feedback online, I’m even more motivated to continue doing what I love. It’s all about the moment when a client lights up after seeing my work… that means everything.”

As he continues his 2021 tour throughout Europe and Dubai, Vendler’s notoriety is only growing. With each viral post on Instagram and Facebook, the demand for his work is quickly growing as well. His current client base includes celebrities, producers, and athletes alike, bringing even higher levels of hype and attention to his Urban Art-inspired work. 

“I’m focused on growth,” Vendler says. “The results are what count.

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