Independent Atlanta Native Rapper Cowboy5 Is Expecting His Biggest Release This Far

Cowboy5 is exploring new country trap sounds with his upcoming album “Wanted & Richer 2”.

Cowboy5 has tapped into a new sound with his upcoming album “Wanted & Richer 2,” hosted by the legend DJ Scream. His single “Turn up” surpassed 250k views on YouTube in such a short time.

The independent artist is expecting to deliver his biggest release thus far. Cowboy5 got into music at an earlier age as a hobby, then quickly realized he was building a career in the music business, with inspiration from artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and many more.

Cowboy5 has been studying the industry and building a sound around his brand, a unique sound.

Now you’re probably wondering what the secret to his creative process is. Well, cowboy5 is a real modern-day cowboy.

Most of the music he creates is made behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. That’s right. When Cowboy5 is not making music, he is probably at your local truck stop fuelling his big rig. Music is Cowboy5’s priority, but he enjoys being out on the road and connecting with nature also.

The internet made the music business easy for independent artists to build if they focused on the vision. If you’re an independent artist trying to break into the industry, the place to start is social media.

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