Jimmy Kimmel Racist Scandal Grows As Comedian Takes Hiatus

Jimmy Kimmel’s old racist comedy skits have come back to haunt him. Now he’s heading on vacation.

(AllHipHop News) Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is about to feel what it’s like to be on the wrong side of the Black community after several skits (one over twenty-years-old) have emerged with the popular comedian in blackface.

It seems that in 1999 and 2003 he had a comedy bit where he browned his skin and impersonated NBA Karl Malone.

He did this on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show” that he hosted with Adam Carolla. Saying that he has “evolved” and “matured” since the episodes aired, Kimmel appears to be remorseful.

With cancel culture so prevalent, often ruining in one tweet a whole career that was a lifetime in the making, he had to apologize with swiftness.

“I have long been reluctant to address this, as I knew doing so would be celebrated as a victory by those who equate apologies with weakness and cheer for leaders who use prejudice to divide us. That delay was a mistake. There is nothing more important to me than you respect, and I apologize to those who were genuinely hurt or offended by the makeup I wore or the words I spoke,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy also came under fire for using the “N word” while impersonating Snoop Dogg in another tasteless impersonation from 1996 on a Christmas album, which has drawn backlash.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to take the summer off but he’s planning to come back to the air this September.

“Looking back, many of these sketches are embarrassing, and it is frustrating that these thoughtless moments have become a weapon used by some to diminish my criticisms of social and other injustices,” Jimmy Kimmel said.

In 2020, you better watch yourself. Black folk not letting nothing slide.