Jiwanta: The Rising Star From Dallas

Dallas native Jiwanta is making a splash in the music industry with his distinctive sound and adaptable style.

Dallas native Jiwanta is making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and versatile style. The independent artist has worked with some of the hottest producers, including CashmoneyAp, Tm88, and Murda Beatz, among others, and is now set to release a new album later this year.

Jiwanta’s journey into music began in the 9th grade when he started making beats on his laptop. As someone who finds it hard to communicate his feelings, music became an easy way for him to express himself. “Music is an easy way to express me and communicate my feelings, which is typically hard for me due to my social anxiety,” he said. “I’d prefer to be alone and ignore all of my problems. However, I find myself speaking and clearing my mind when I am making music.”

Despite facing discouragement early in his career, Jiwanta persevered and continued to work hard, spending late nights writing and recording in his room. His dedication paid off when his music caught the attention of Adam 22 from the podcast “No Jumper,” who recognized his potential and helped him gain a fanbase on SoundCloud.

Jiwanta’s upcoming album promises to showcase his versatility and features a good handful of artists, including some of the biggest names in the industry. “I’ve always struggled with people in my life,” he said. “I always tend to have heartbreaks, issues with girls, and people who doubted me. I always see fake people in my life, and they just inspire me to be better and grow bigger than I was before to prove them wrong and show them how much I really am worth.”

When he’s not making music, Jiwanta spends his time working on his online businesses and trading stocks and options. “I usually wake up around 5 AM and start my day off at the gym because health is wealth,” he said. “I come home, shower, and spend the next couple of hours working on my online businesses. I also trade stocks and options and spend the rest of my day either working, writing/recording music, or playing games and enjoying some leisure time.”

Jiwanta’s greatest achievement as a musician is being able to get paid for his creativity and give back. “It’s a different type of feeling when you get compensated for the music that you made and the fact that you get to share it with others. Even when you die, your music will last forever,” he said.

As a Brown artist, Jiwanta hopes to inspire other Brown kids to pursue their dreams in the music industry and not fall into the stereotypical norms of being a doctor, engineer, or businessman. “Simply, I just want people to enjoy my music,” he said.

With his upcoming album and his unique style, Jiwanta is definitely one to watch out for in the music industry.