Joe Budden On Reports “Pump It Up” Was About Masturbation: “Just Blaze Gotta S###”

The TV host/reality show star says his biggest hit “went through a lot of experimentation.”

(AllHipHop News) Was “Pump It Up” really about self-pleasure? Even many longtime Joe Budden fans were shocked to hear producer Just Blaze say that Budden’s 2003 single “Pump It Up” was once about masturbation. 

Last month, Just Blaze made an appearance on Sole Collector’s Full Size Run digital series. The New Jersey native born Justin Smith took the time to reflect on the creation of the record that was prominently featured in the dance movie You Got Served.

“Do you know the original version of ‘Pump It Up’ was about masturbation?” said Blaze. “You know how in the second verse he’s like, ‘My jump off doesn’t care if I go out so much. My jump off…’ Originally it was, ‘My hand doesn’t worry if I go out so much. My hand doesn’t worry about… That’s a fun fact.” 

While visiting The Breakfast Club this week to promote his State of the Union television show, Joe Budden was questioned about Just Blaze’s comments. The 39-year-old podcaster had some sharp words for his fellow Jersey representative.

“The legend of ‘Pump It Up’ never dies. Sometime when these stories come up, I be like, ‘Damn, man. Why can’t “Tipsy” and J-Kwon – all of those big records back then, why can’t they just keep doing this?'” responded the Love & Hip Hop: New York star.

Budden went on to say, “Just Blaze gotta shut the f*ck up. That’s the bottom line to it. He gotta chill the f*ck out. I’ve told this story. Somebody else has told this story.” In 2013, Joe Budden’s Slaughterhouse brethren, Royce da 5’9″ did tweet that he heard a similar story about the Grammy-nominated single.

“‘Pump It Up’ went through a lot of experimentation. That’s a good way to say that. You’re talking about an 8-bar part in the second verse. In the pre-recordings stages, it was my hand… No, it’s not true because it wasn’t about masturbation,” explained Budden. 

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