Jpopd1: New And Empowering Single “Satisfaction” Going Mainstream.

JPOPD1 has been going viral and the hype is real.

A new type of singer/producer from Miami, FL has been trending consistently online. John Michael Veiga, better known as JPOPD1 has a strong supporter network both domestically and internationally. He started making music in the year 2007 and has been consistent in his efforts to gain mainstream recognition ever since he decided he wanted to make music and its business his career.

JPOPD1 is more than just a musician, he is a world-renowned music producer, artist, audio engineer, award-winning songwriter, Best selling author, Publicist, and businessman. JPOPD1 posts snippets to his social media pages and his fans show support continually, allowing him to grow a strong fan base almost instantly.

JPOPD1 has released a lot of music throughout the year, such singles including, “Alone”, “Slugs”, & his most recent chart-topping and steadily growing record geared towards woman empowerment “Satisfaction”.

JPOPD1 has been going viral and the hype is real. His fans have changed their profile pictures to his cover art in anticipation, and some have devoted their entire bios on social media to JPOPD1. This is the beginning of something long-lasting and amazing we believe, keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s in store.

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