Mixtape Review: Sacramento CA Producer TiLT (TeoiLikeThis) Releases His Latest Project “SummerSlam”

“SummerSlam” shows off the sharp, powerful lyricism of TiLT, where he brings an entire lifetime of experiences with a sunburnt charm. 

TiLT – SummerSlam

A distinct retro vibe runs through the Balearic beats of TiLT’s chilled-out “SummerSlam.” The hip-hop flavor goes right for a 90s West Coast G-Funk flavor. High-definition sounds with a neon gloss accentuate the strength of his verses. He chooses words carefully, as each one is given plenty of room. Layers are brought in, as the beats, groove, and melodies have this all-too-familiar aspect, like that of a half-forgotten dream, AM hits as filtered through a night of heavy drinking. It has this taut balance between the aggressive and affectionate, changing stances as it suits him. This, alongside a slew of guest spots, gives the album a kaleidoscopic spirit. 

The old-school style of the sound recalls California’s reign over a chilled-out yet, at the same time, aggressive, fiery rap presence. Dexterity and funky rhythm touch upon some of 2Pac’s best work, with every verse containing multiple meanings. He lays the atmosphere down, with the tracks working together to create this impressive whole. On the harder-hitting ways, he has an unhinged, confrontational tactic that brings into the fray Eazy-E’s unhinged, dead-eyed stare. Finally, with the playful freestyling, a looseness incorporates lessons learned from early Snoop Dogg. With all these reference points, he manages to take the style of the classics while updating the approach when needed. 

“Rock It (feat. Que Money, Deanoboyyoucrazy & YNG4L)” has a steady beat with a seemingly timeless fluttering synthesizer melody. Things slow down with the chopped-and-screwed spirit of “P#### Mouth (feat. HunnidBall, Swayshon, Que Money & Deanoboyyoucrazy).” His delivery is silky smooth as “Lay Low (Freestyle)” features a giddy energy, full of confidence. “Is You Is (Freestyle) (feat. Swayshown, Que Money & Deanoboyyoucrazy)” has the wildness of the narrative supported by the unhinged big band sample in the background. Lovely backward warped bell rings add to the disoriented “Splash N Dash.” 

Percussive elements skitter about on the geometric “Blame It.” An absolute party-starter, “Shake It (feat. Deanoboyyoucrazy, Swayshon & Jay Laurent)” delivers the goods. The minimalism adds to the tension and anxiety with the elegant “Scandalous (feat. Deanoboyyoucrazy).” “Mary Jane (Freestyle) (feat Swayshon, Que Money & Deanoboyyoucrazy)” has a gleeful energy, all the way down to how they messed with various types of fidelity, letting the interactions feel keenly balanced. Ending things on a celebratory note, “Cutie Pie” has a triumphant finale. 

“SummerSlam” shows off the sharp, powerful lyricism of TiLT, where he brings an entire lifetime of experiences with a sunburnt charm.