Musician Natalie Ziadeh Releases Serenity to Rousing Success

Natalie Ziadeh album, to no surprise, has attracted thousands of listeners on a monthly basis.

Natalie Ziadeh was born in Houston, Texas, on February 24, 1999. She came into a world of music played and performed by members of her family. Her grandfather played several different instruments, including the piano. Classical music filled the house, and the family attended orchestral symphonies as often as possible. Ziadeh, too, began to play music as soon as she was able, playing the piano and singing for her church as a young child.

Music is Natalie’s passion. Although she started out playing the piano, she discovered the violin in middle school, and she was hooked. By the age of thirteen, she was competing at the regional level. As a freshman in high school, she tried out for and was accepted in her school’s highest orchestra, and she traveled the state with that orchestra, competing in many solo, ensemble, string, and philharmonic orchestral meets. 

Natalie Ziadeh went to attend Texas A&M University, where she graduated with a degree in psychology. She currently attends The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to acquire her master’s degree in Psychology and she hopes to pursue her Ph.D. in Psychology soon after. As a psychology student and future clinician, Ziadeh has extensively researched the power of music on the cognitive functioning of both neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals. Ziadeh recommends that all students take advantage of the benefits music can give them when they are studying or need a release from the tensions of the day.

In order to help her with her stressors and memory, Ziadeh has created her own mashup of musical styles. In her newest album titled Serenity, Natalie incorporates her tranquilizing violin abilities with the unique and mainstream sounds of lo-fi beats. Specifically, Ziadeh has taken the classical music of the violin, viola, and flute and added to it the distorted lo-fi beats of the electric piano and percussion instruments. The results are dreamy, relaxing, and powerful music that soothes and replenishes.

Her album, to no surprise, has attracted thousands of listeners on a monthly basis. Her Spotify profile currently sits at almost 20,000 listeners, with close to 30,000 on the Serenity album alone. This boost of listeners was also met with an exciting 5,000 follower jump on Spotify alone, and a boost of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay tuned for all that she has in store, there are many onlookers waiting for her future releases.