Nayan Raina’s “Phone” Is the Perfect Soothing Anthem for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Phone already got more than 51k+ plays (and counting) on SoundCloud.

Nayan Raina’s new record ‘Phone’ will soothe your mind, body, and soul. Nayan recently dropped a lovely duet with singer/songwriter Mickey Shiloh, that showcases his seductive sounds and their infectious chemistry. The RnB/HipHop jam will entertain you to the max, leaving you swooning over the sweet interplay in the lyrics, as well as the playful vocal lines that play off each other in a subtle way.
A brief About Nayan Raina

Ever since the beginning of his childhood, Nayan was driven by a strong passion for music as he spent a significant amount of his time rehearsing and perfecting his craft. After graduating high school, Raina enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles to continue his studies and pursue his music career. Nayan always wanted to pursue a career in music and America’s Got Talent on NBC TV show was his opportunity. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it but not being selected got him excited and motivated him to pursue his own career.

His Record ‘Phone’ Nayan Raina’s song Phone is a smooth love duet. His voice is sweet like honey as he sings about being on the phone with someone special to him. It sends a message of love in its purest form. Singer Mickey Shiloh has an equally enticing sound to compliment Nayan’s beautifully. The Hip-Hop/ R&B jam illustrates the fascination people have with lovers’ chemistry. 

The composition of this album the phone is truly infectious with catchy melodies and easy-to-sing-along lyrics. This is a lovely duet that will give pleasure to your ears. The bass and drums are so artistically composed that they fit their voices so perfectly. The skills of both the vocalists in this composition have ensured that listeners don’t miss a beat when the going back and forth between them begins. You just can’t get enough of this song!

Listen to ‘Phone’ Now 

The phone already got more than 51k+ plays (and counting) on SoundCloud. It will get stuck inside your head, and you’ll definitely feel like singing along. So go ahead and listen to it now. It’s available on all major music outlets like iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify to name a few, and feel free to comment