New Haven Artist, Ty ThaGod is Destined For Success in the Music Industry.  

Below is a dope track “Get To Know” for Ty ThaGod

Grinding for success and staying focused is difficult to work to build your name within an industry where it’s 10 other million artists on the same path as you, notoriety which is Mainstream stardom A.K.A Fame, the limelight, being a part of the industry that no one can escape from nor want to depart from. Ty ThaGod is a rising hip hop recording artist/songwriter that can testify to that.

For some time now, the young entrepreneur has been releasing a lot of hit singles and getting them placed in varieties of platforms. – “I just want to be Great and have a great life, I’m just having fun with the way things are going! I’m not worried about the money, for that’s going to come in the future, but for the moment I’m just having fun with everything I do and living life.” His stance on the industry is that he’s not saying he’s better than most artists out there but he’s different and brings a unique sound to the game from his tone of voice to his versatile delivery.

Ty Thagod is a phenomenal self-motivated Artist and he is granted to shine in the future of his career. We expect him to do big things throughout his journey not only as a hip-hop recording artist but as a C.E.O as well.

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