Nocturnal Strives To Impress With Upcoming Project ‘She Needs Me’

Nocturnal provides an updated backpack, boom-bap sound with a blend of the soul into every song he releases

With his next record, She Needs MeNocturnal, a New Haven, Connecticut-based musician, wants to take the music world by storm. His sensitive lyrics, greatly influenced by rap’s conscious East Coast style, are packed with agony and vulnerability. Nocturnal’s journey began when a close friend encouraged him to pursue music, and he now produces a real environment that quickly draws listeners into his universe.

“One of my closest friends died in a drunk driving accident. He was the one who constantly encouraged me to pursue a career in music. Following his death, I resolved to pursue music professionally and dedicate my career to him.”

Following his previous releases Holdin Onto Hope and Therapy Through an LP, She Needs Me will be Nocturnal’s third project. As Nocturnal wraps off his latest project, he explains how She Needs Me is a double entendre, with the term “She” having two separate meanings.

“The initial reading is that “She” (hip-hop) requires my assistance in saving the game from extinction. I talk about the struggles of breaking into the profession and the sacrifices I make throughout the endeavor.” Nocturnal was still going strong. “The second interpretation of “She” is inspired by a horrible breakup and relates to my ex-girlfriend. This endeavor is an open book and a tale of how I overcame my issues in the sake of hip hop.”

She Needs Me, according to Nocturnal, is a project that will stand out from the crowd. “On this project, I’m being my most vulnerable self for the fans who are going through the same anguish as me but don’t have a platform to express it.”

Nocturnal provides an updated backpack, boom-bap sound with a blend of the soul into every song he releases, using music as a means of healing. Transparency and being influenced by musicians like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Jay-Z, J.Cole, and Kanye West will ensure that his music has a long shelf life as it resonates with audiences.

Nocturnal, who is now living in Los Angeles, is preparing for the release of his first album, She Needs Me, as well as his upcoming EP with rapper The Game, which is set to drop later this year. To stay up to know with new projects, follow Nocturnal on IG!
In the meantime, stream his latest single “Surrender” below & keep Nocturnal on your radar.- – – – –

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