OG DAYV Returns To The Spotlight With New Visual “Lazy Susan”

“His work ethic is second to none,” – Grammy.com

OG DAYV is back at it with a new single plus a striking visual for his new track “Lazy Susan.” The Bay Area rising star teams up with The Dakota Wytefoxx for the multifaceted song, making it OG DAYV’s first release of the new year, and he’s coming in with a bang.

After basking in the success of his recent noteworthy collaboration with Future on Limoncello as part of the official soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel film, OG DAYV is stepping back into the limelight.

Produced by Ben 10K and Danes Blood, “Lazy Susan” is a track that quite literally revolves around the concept of doing things effortlessly. If you’re not familiar with what a “Lazy Susan” is, it’s a common household product that’s basically a turntable (rotating tray) placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food. OG Dayv took the meaning of this and turned it into a creative rendition of a song.

“To me ‘Lazy Susan’ means effortless and easy,” OG DAYV says in an interview. “Performing a task and making it look simple. The design idea behind a Lazy Susan is brilliant and I use one every day, so I said lemme take this inspiration and turn it into something clean. Dakota and I make this rap s### look exceptionally easy … lazy susan.”

Letting loose at the end of the video, the two rap stars reveal their goofy side by showcasing kooky dance moves, par for the course that ‘lazy Susan’s were once referred to as ‘dumbwaiters.’ OG DAYV emulates Thomas Jeffereson’s self-service gadget to ease his sloth of kitchen duties. 

“I wanted some crazy visuals to accompany the crazy track,” OG DAYV says. “Mikey is an outstanding director and my team knew he could capture a crazy concept. We needed something visually stunning but also inspirational and in the pocket. Are you even a rapper if you don’t have the brand new Beamer with an 0 on the mileage? Kidding but only halfway, the video is crazy and it aligns with what I wanted to accomplish. Doing difficult s**t and making it look effortless.”

“…Dave delivers powerful bars,” – Variety

“Coogler is something of a renegade on the Richmond scene,” – SFWeekly

The visual and song itself is already gaining some traction and catching the attention of heavy hitters.

Check it out below:


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