RealBryan.K Releases “Sunshine”

Realbryan.k the young Dj, composer who became known in 2019 thanks to his 2 tracks
“Falling” and “French touch” is back with his new track “Sunshine”.

“SUNSHINE” is a new mix that confirms the return of Bryan.K in 2022?

Since 2020 we have not had any news of the young French DJ who came out of the shadows in 2019, some media and fans thought it was a buzz and that he was part of the ephemeral artists who see the light but directly fall back into the shadows, and well, guess you’re wrong because of Realbryan. k is finally making his comeback in the early summer of 2022 with a track called “SUNSHINE”, a special track with a different musical style than what we are used to seeing, its start has been very good because it has already accumulated several thousand views on youtube only a few minutes after its release, a sound that looks quite promising.

In the world of DJing, artists from all over the world need more than talent to see the light. For many artists, becoming an entrepreneur in their own respective space is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s market and multi-talent is just the beginning when it comes to describing the artist Realbryan.K. The young multi-talented artist knows a thing or two about project promotion as he also studied marketing and communication.

Since 2022 Realbryan.K’s career started to take off after the release of his first EP “French Riviera”. But it is important to know that Bryan did not start making music only in 2021 or 2022 but in 2019, he released an ep of 5 sounds on his youtube channel which was unfortunately deleted a few months later, Realbryan. K reveals that he was not yet ready to launch himself into the world of music, but he also says that he considered his first project to be a flop hence the fact that he deleted everything.

The young artist continued the hard work until he was no longer unnoticed and saw the light 3 years later. Currently, a DJ, producer, and multimedia designer, RealBryan.k is an internationally recognized artist and marketer. His musical style: His musical style is probably the reason for his success, although he is a simple DJ he has a completely different style of mixing than other DJs we see today, he manages to mix an electro musical style with a hip hop style which gives us a beautiful rendering that we have
seen on the market.

Private life:


Although he is very active on social networks, he makes few television appearances and gives few interviews. Is he single? He prefers to talk about his music rather than his private life. Today, Realbryan.k works hard on his creative skills and also posts regularly on social networks.

Today, Realbryan.K is based in Paris, France where he works as a successful DJ and
composer alongside some great artists. Realbryan.k is embarking on the adventure of
becoming the “official showcase” by doing everything possible to communicate his upcoming
projects to fans.

Who is Realbryan.K ?

Realbryan.k, whose real name is Bryan Krief, is a French DJ, author, and composer who became known to the general public with his mix entitled “SUNSHINE”, on which the sound was played at many the discos in Miami.

Make sure you stay tuned to Bryan.K by following his exciting journey below: