REVIEW: A Critical Look at “PYTI – Fortuna” (2023)

The production quality for “Fortuna” is great, but there is room for improvement.

PYTI’s latest track, “Fortuna,” is an EDM song with strong bass beats and a unique blend of atmospheric sounds. The song’s long intro progresses into a strong bassline layered with many effects and synths to give the melody character. Also, the song does not quite fit the typical radio format, but it contains other elements that make it stand out. This review will look at various elements  PYTI used when composing the track. 

A Closer Look Into PYTI’s “Fortuna” 

“Fortuna” begins with a long intro featuring a gentle melody that gradually develops with layered synths, creating a sense of anticipation and tone for the rest of the song. The energy builds up as the intro progresses, then the artist introduces a solid bassline that is repeated almost throughout the entire song. This baseline serves as the foundation that other instruments are layered. And its beats and tempo are fast-paced. 

As the track proceeds, PYTI layers various synths into “Fortuna” to create an intricate sound. He also uses multiple effects throughout the entire track to give it dimension and personality. The use of distortion, for instance, makes the track more engaging and varied. 

The track also utilizes brief vocal snippets that add personality to it and make it more memorable. The vocals also help balance the song, especially when the artist continuously uses many synthesizers. One of the most memorable parts of the song is when the artist uses fewer instruments. The use of fewer elements creates contrast in the melody and gives the instrument its spotlight allowing the lister to enjoy the melody. 

In the second half of the composition, PYTI uses fewer instruments but layers them afterward to give the song a sense of progression. This section of the song emphasizes chill vibes, generating a sense of space and depth. 

The production quality is great, but there is room for improvement. The repetitive and strong baseline can be monotonous for some listeners. However, the artist has created a blend of atmospheric sounds that captures the essence of EDM music. 

In addition, although “Fortuna” demonstrates PYTI’s talent, the song falls short in some areas. For example, the structure of the track does not quite fit the typical radio format, mainly due to its lengthy intro, therefore, which could limit its exposure. Also, using too many synths, distortions, and other random elements could clutter the melody and distract some listeners. The layering of too many elements at a time could also distract and overwhelm some listeners.

In conclusion, although “Fortuna” is a great EDM track that demonstrates PYTI’s artistry skills. The artist, however, has used different elements to create a distinct sound that captures the basic concept of the EDM genre.