Self-care Guru and Rap Stylist, Jessica Francis Inspires Students at Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School

Jessica Francis gave students at Paul Mitchell local cosmetology school the blueprint to success, sharing her knowledge, experience, and journey.

The Michigan-born entrepreneur Jessica Francis has developed her brand and established her very own Organic Hair Care and Wellness Spa with clientele expanding from right up to a-list rappers and celebrities alike. Having built her name from the ground up, Jessica Francis set out on a mission to pass on the torch of ambition to the upcoming generation looking to role models like her as the pinnacle of their dreams in the cosmetology field.

Jessica Francis took the time to give back, visiting the Paul Mitchell local cosmetology school in Farmington Hills, MI where students got to listen to her speech and be privy to an in-person demo of a long triangular layered haircut with Jessi’s Hair Therapy Grow pre-treatment. Jessica Francis gave students a glimpse into her world, taking them along the journey that brought her to the level of success she has attained. Through her eyes, students got the opportunity to see themselves in a role of similar status in their future; an encouraging sentiment inspiring each to never give up on their dreams. Jessica Francis used her path as a firsthand example of the infinite possibilities dedication and passion can bloom into.

She went even deeper into her experiences, teaching attendees how to grow their businesses and develop their own products. Having launched products of her own inclusive of her organic Hair and Body line together with her Wellness Teas, Jessica Francis’ opened their minds to the creativity in their potential. At the end of what turned out to be an unforgettable experience, students received one of Jessica Francis’ custom tote bags with the printed mantra “Live Life, First Class.” Jessica Francis left students revitalized to pursue their dreams and those whose zeal and enthusiasm shone throughout her presentation were noted as potential candidates for her personalized Internships and mentoring.

Jessica Francis is paying it forward, giving upcoming dreamers the knowledge they need to aspire to greatness.