Shaun Milli Blows the Lid off of the Song “Love Me”, Listen Now

Shaun Milli is able to take the listener on a journey that you didn’t even know you desperately needed!

If you’re into Hiphop and R&B music, then I invite you to listen to the brand-new single by upcoming artist Shaun Milli. The song is called “Love Me” and you can listen to the track, as well as watch the official music video on YouTube here:

The song starts with a smooth keyboard intro and as soon as Shaun Milli sings “I ain’t got that much time left” it becomes clear that this man was born to sing. There is a real strength to his voice, yet at the same time it is super easy to listen to and it’s not overpowering.

He effortlessly manages to hit those higher notes as well, as you can hear in the first verse when he sings “I think it’s best if I move to the left”. As soon as the chorus starts and he sings “Love me” it becomes clear that this artist has managed to create a timeless piece of art that puts him way above most other artists in today’s music industry.

This is clearly a man who has been singing for most of his live and I sure hope the world is ready for such a talented singer and songwriter!

But it’s not only the vocals that are spectacular; the keyboard melody is super smooth, the drums and bass perfectly complement Shaun’s vocals and the electric guitar adds even more depth to the entire track. The mixing and mastering is fantastic as well.

This track was produced by Roy Made It (who just produced Yk Osiris new single called Be My Girl with Polow Da Don). In a world full of toxic and superficial music that gets

released every day, a real song like this is very refreshing to hear. Not only is the song great by itself, it also features an official music video that is perfectly tailored to the music (see above).

It’s great to see a video and a track like this that is old-school and take it back to a time when a man is actually trying to win over a woman by trying to please her and not treating her like trash and disrespecting her. There is a real style and class to Shaun Milli that most artists can only dream of.

This artist is able to take the listener on a journey that you didn’t even know you desperately needed! I think it’s only a matter of time before more and more people will listen to Shaun Milli and he will replace certain other artists that also happen to be called Shaun… So, for all those reasons I can only recommend you do yourself a favor and listen to the brand-new Single “Love Me” by Shaun Milli, and make sure to follow him on Social Media as well! Here are the official links: