Shon Brown Self Made bEAST from East Atlanta securing his spot among Hip Hop Royalty

Hailing from the East Side of Atlanta, GA, Shon Brown follows in the footsteps of his ATL predecessors

East Atlanta’s voracious rap scene has been notorious for birthing the likes of Hip Hop royalty. With heirs of the throne honing from rap megastars like 21 Savage, 6LACK, & Future. There is no doubt that Atlanta has dominated the rap scene for the last decade and continues to birth new talent every day. While undiscovered artist often has a tough time navigating the rap hierarchy, that does not seem to be the case for emerging ATL Superstar Shon Brown.

Hailing from the East Side of Atlanta, GA, Shon Brown follows in the footsteps of his ATL predecessors as he is quickly climbing the ladder to the top of rap supremacy. Now, beyond the hugely talented artist that is Shon Brown, what first caught my eye was his appearance. 

Upon my first encounter with Shon, I was met with a blinding diamond-encrusted smile intense enough to grab everyone’s attention. Contrary to what I expected, Shon boasts a humble and calm demeanor, there is a sense of peace and humility grounded around his aura that calms your spirit. But, beyond the humble appearance, I soon saw that there was more to this meek rap star than meets the eye. Pulling up in a Lamborghini Aventador, one of the most sought-after luxury sports cars in the world, I yearned to learn more about who this guy really was.

We exchanged handshakes and bantered over a small conversation before beginning the interview. Shon’s lustrous Cuban necklace gleamed in the sun, as the diamonds danced opposite of the sun’s glare. I then noticed his wrist which also hosted an array of jewelry, diamonds equally coerced in synchronicity covering the lower part of his arm. I interview plenty of “startup” rappers who are hoping to stumble across that breakthrough TikTok hit that will catapult their career into superstardom, most of which may sport a necklace or 2. But this guy’s looks like he has made it. 

I could immediately tell that I did not know Shon Brown at all. But I would soon, I had to know more.

I remember hearing about Shon back in 2019. His name had been buzzing among the emerging Atlanta rap scene after releasing his hit song “Made it Out” featuring ATL legend YFN Lucci. “Wow, this guy has potential” I remember thinking after hearing the song on BET Jams. A few short months after, Shon peeled back vulnerable layers as he took us through the gritty streets of the not so glamours side of ATL with his smash Crime Scene featuring 24 Heavy. Following up, just a year later I hear Shon a second time on his chart-climbing record “Say Da Word” featuring East Atlanta cohort BRS Kash, the artist behind Platinum viral anthem “Throat Baby”. 

Well as the saying goes, the third time is a charm. This time, however, there is something vastly different about Shon. His sound has elevated. In Shon’s new hit single, They Don’t Know, produced by super producer Mondo on the Beat, who produced club smash “Hittin” for rapper Money Mu, he masterfully blends melodic harmonies with a socially conscious rap cadence, Shon has created the perfect cocktail of trap symphonies that gracefully pirouette on the listener’s ears. A compelling story follows as he goes into depth about how many may perceive him to be a particular way because of the allure attached to his image, but they don’t really know Shon Brown. 

They Don’t Know has been EVERYWHERE since its release. Every radio station has spun the record, ATL’s own FLYGUYDC played the song a record-breaking 5 times consecutively on popular ATL radio station Streetz 94.5, I have heard it in the club while getting hot wings, I heard it on iHeart radio. I cannot turn around without hearing Shon Brown. This is a true testament to the makings of a chart-blazing hit single. 

Shon is what I like to call a humble bEAST. After sitting down and interviewing Shon for close to 2 hours, here is a few things that you may not know about him.

They Don’t Know he is a pillar in his community. Last May, Shon pulled up at a few elementary schools where he spoke to the children about chasing their dreams and achieving their goals, telling them anything is possible is one thing, but Shon took it a step further when he brought out Lamborghinis, Teslas, and Maseratis for the kids to take pictures in and envision themselves speeding down 285 in luxury, quickly turning recess into a car show. 

They Don’t Know Shon employs an outreach program that feeds and shelters the homeless on the Holidays, ensuring that the less fortunate are covered during challenging times. 

And, while he shy’s away from this, I’ll love to say it:

They Don’t Know Shon Brown is a self-made boss and owner of his own independent record label Millions & Billions, and much like that title, A young, rich hip hop mogul on his way to becoming one of ATL’s rap superstars. Very few artists I encounter have the privilege of being “on” before the fame. Shon does music because he loves it and has successfully transitioned through the mean streets of an East Atlanta jungle, victoriously transforming himself into a prolific young CEO. As his new single proclaims, They Don’t Know.

They Don’t Know how the East Atlanta Rapper really Made it Out of a Crime Scene riddled area to Say Da word to give the Street Motivation. But…they do now.

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